Marketing Funnel – The Basics

Every business requires a customer. And, every customer goes through a buying journey! The path through which an audience becomes a customer is what is called the customer funnel. This term goes with a lot of jargon in the industry and is represented in multiple variety of steps. Some businesses like to break down the funnel into a granular representation while a few are covered in no more than three to four steps.

Marketing Funnel for Customer Acquisition

Although customer funnel and marketing funnel are represented the same way it slightly differs from each other. Marketing funnel follows a linear path while customer funnel need not necessarily be so. A customer can jump from an evaluation phase back into consideration phase due to several reasons and vice versa.

Evaluating the journey of a customer for any business becomes very crucial while optimizing. Hence keeping a close check on progress can help in identifying lead leakages, lead drop offs, or even the teams performance at a very early stage.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise themselves.
-Steve Jobs

With all theory apart, listen to your customers as a whole. Identify the pain points, leverage on the strengths and boost your business.